a couple of silly brothers trying to play fetch with their giant dog



Percy watching a PG ocean documentary and laughing because he can understand everything the animals are saying and not very much of it is PG

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I tried to make it as cliche as I could.
Poseidon and Sally for PJO Shipweeks!

  • Jason: I will lead the quest to free hera!
  • Random Camper in the back: He doesn't even go here!

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I’m calling it, all of us veyniacs we have a fandom, and we are all gonna be besties, just you wait I remember the dark days when it was me and three other people LOOK HOW WE’VE GROWN SINCE THEN!! We will get a larger fandom, be pacient my loves, but until then we will stick together and fangirl silently to ourselves :D oh my god i sounded really peppy, I am so sorry I’m just really passionate okay

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we need more people in this fandom…it’s like a ghost town on tumblr. 

Hello? *echo* *echo* *echo*

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Who all is in the Michael Vey fandom?

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  • Friend: Do you think one of them will di—
  • Me: [covers friend's mouth]
  • Me: [caresses her cheek]
  • Me: (whispers) no

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It’s Disobedience Day. Make your own rules.